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The CNSM faculty is one of the largest groups of scholars focusing on the nonprofit sector. More than 80% are full-time faculty members with active research agendas on a wide range of nonprofit sector issues.

They regularly present papers on nonprofit topics at academic conferences sponsored by APPAM, ARNOVA, NASPAA, and other scholarly organizations.

  • Stan Altman

    Professor, Health Policy and Administration

  • Cristina Balboa

    Assistant Professor, International Nonprofits

  • David S. Birdsell

    Dean and Professor, Public Communication

  • Hilary Botein

    Associate Professor, Housing Policy

  • John Casey

    Associate Professor, Comparative Nonprofit Administration

  • Susan Chambre

    Professor, Volunteerism and Organizational Behavior

  • Bin Chen

    Associate Professor, Nonprofit Management and Organizational Networks

  • Hector Cordero-Guzman

    Professor, Immigrant-Serving Nonprofits and Philanthropy

  • Michael Feller

    Distinguished Lecturer, Nonprofit and Public Internships

  • Bill Ferns

    Associate Professor, Computer and Information Systems

  • Florence Frucher

    Adjunct Professor, Health Care Management

  • John Goering

    Professor, Housing Policy

  • Els de’Graauw

    Assistant Professor, Immigrant-Serving Nonprofits

  • Sonia Jarvis

    Distinguished Lecturer, Nonprofit Law

  • Jack Krauskopf

    Distinguished Lecturer, Human Services and Emergency Management

  • Frederick Lane

    Faculty Fellow, Administration of Nonprofit Organizations

  • George Mitchell

    Associate Professor, Nonprofit management, leadership, and strategy

  • Michael Seltzer

    Distinguished Lecturer, Nonprofit Organizations and Philanthropy

  • Robert Smith

    Professor, Immigration and American Institutions