The Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management collaborates with numerous partners on important educational and research endeavors.

The New York Community Trust Leadership Fellows
The New York Community Trust Leadership Fellows is a new professional development program in partnership with the Baruch College School of Public Affairs, the Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management and the Office of Executive Programs. It aims to ensure that tomorrow's nonprofit organizations have the human capital to flourish and advance their missions on behalf of New Yorkers.

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Mexican Initiative for Deferred Action (MIDA)
La Iniciativa Mexicana para la Acción Diferida

The Mexican Initiative for Deferred Acton (MIDA) is a ground-breaking initiative to promote DACA applications and upward integration of New York's rapidly growing Mexican community. With generous funding from the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, the Mexican Consulate, and Juntos Podemos, and support from the City University of New York, this Initiative seeks to improve the lives of Mexican families that have contributed invaluably to America's prosperity.

MIDA is a collaboration among partner institutions committed to supporting the Mexican community in New York and the region, including the Mexican Consulate, Juntos Podemos, the CUNY Vice Chancellors' Office, the Baruch College-Mexican Consulate Leadership Program, the New York Immigration Coalition, Masa, and Make the Road New York.

The Core MIDA objectives are:
1) Provide immigration protection for at least 1,000 individuals
The initiative will help at least 1000 people apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), or other immigration status, in partnership with the Mexican Consulado Sobre Ruedas. While it is not permanent legal status, DACA enables recipients "legal presence" – and the opportunity to get a social security number, work legally, and attend school without fear of family separation by deportation.

2) Evaluation and Research
The Initiative will document and evaluate its work to help identify best practices in promoting DACA applications in these organizations, and will do academic research on the consequences of having, lacking, or gaining legal status or legal presence. This knowledge will help inform various policy and practice areas, including those promoting better life chances and integration for children of immigrants.

3) Capacity-Building and Leadership Development
MIDA will provide extensive support for its community-based partners participating in this project to help them provide better services to immigrants, grow and thrive as organizations, and join a network of advocates to promote policies that advance immigrant integration.