Professional presentations Boot Camp

This dynamic, comprehensive one day certificate program is for professionals looking to quickly take their presentation skills to a far higher level. The program is distinct in the New York City area—offering one of the only evidence-based, interactive, and fun full day trainings from an experienced scholar-practitioner. The boot camp gets right to the point on the most important aspects of professional presentations; including how participants can apply scientifically tested tools for communicating effectively in a variety of settings, the latest approaches for working with diverse audiences, and the new methods for creating engaging material. Participants will walk away with cutting-edge visual communication tools, practice in thinking quickly on their feet, and receive individual coaching and feedback throughout the day that will immediately improve their ability to deliver more impactful presentations of all kinds.

Each participant will also receive:
- Relevant materials to review in advance of the boot camp
- A course packet summarizing the training
- Individual video reviews from the instructor
- A follow-up contact from the instructor to review progress

"As someone who does quite bit of public speaking, I wanted to learn how well my presentations were received by an audience. Dr. Waisanen is the person who can give you the insight in what you are currently doing and additional tools to make your work clearer and impactful. You leave the session with a number of new ideas to enhance your style which was exactly what I wanted!" Andrea Anthony, Executive Director, Day Care Council of New York, Inc.

"Dr. Waisanen does a great job at reminding his students that it's important to create presentations that are custom to the audience. Once you make it relatable, it's easier on you (the presenter)!  There was never a dull moment during the class, and I certainly plan to use what I've learned" Danielle Chery, Officer, Service Events, New York Cares.

Two days.

Full price $750

To register:
1. Download this form and mail it or,
2. Register here online.

For questions and information contact Edgar Zavala, Director of Executive Programs at or (646) 660-6718.

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