The Great Leaders Program is an executive certificate program; participants successfully completing the program will be awarded a Certificate in Executive Leadership from the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs at Baruch College.

This program includes: 501(c)3 charitable human service and arts organizations; social welfare advocacy organizations, 501(c)4s; and business and membership associations, 501(c)6s.

It is designed primarily for career nonprofit professionals, however, leaders from government and business who have an interest in pursuing careers in the nonprofit sector will also be considered; especially if they have volunteer experience in nonprofits. Individuals whose relevant experience is largely as a volunteer, especially on boards of directors and other high level positions, will also be seriously considered.

#TheGreatLeadersProgram #TGLPMarxe has three distinctive features for high-impact learning:

(1) Active learning, where background material is provided to participants in advance of each session and face-to-face classroom time focuses primarily on performing leadership tasks (Examples: participants will constitute a board of directors and work with a CEO; participants will make an “ask” for a major gift). Formal lectures constitute no more than one-third of time in short courses.

(2) Peer learning, where participants will learn from one another through the discussion of decision-forcing cases, in-depth case studies, simulated leadership situations, and sharing of their own management experiences.

(3) A synthesizing “Capstone” experience, where small teams of participants will solve important leadership issues facing nonprofit organizations in the New York metropolitan area, from organizational strategy to fiscal stress.

The Great Leaders Program consists of three different venues:
(1) Short Courses are the primary learning vehicle, consisting of two or three modules each.
(2) Onesies are intensive presentations by subject matter specialists; includes a Q&A.
(3) CEO Perspectives find participants engaging with current and former nonprofit CEOs to share their "view from the top" and experiences as well as their perspectives on career management and executive search.

Short Courses are taught on an intensive basis from the perspective of what a CEO needs to know and do. Currently they are shceduled to include these subjects:
The Roles of a Nonprofit CEO and Top Management Team, John Casey
Working with the Board of Directors, Hector Cordero-Guzman
Strategic Management and Planning, Frederick Lane
Budgeting and Financial Management, Odell Mays
The Digital Executive, Joyce Sullivan
Leaders as Communicators, Don Waisanen
Advocacy, Fernando Ferrer
Fundraising From a CEO Perspective: Major Gifts and Annual Campaigns, Andrea Costa Egan
Fundraising: Foundation Relations and Grantsmanship, Jill Mosebach
Government Contracting, Bin Chen
Evaluating Programs, Mosen Auryan
Human Resources Management, Joanne Rencher
CEOs as Change Masters, Stan Altman
Managing Yourself: Self-Awareness and Reflection. Joseph Merlino

'Onesies' are scheduled to include:
Legal Issues in Nonprofits, Sonia Jarvis
Marketing for Nonprofits, Harvey Hirsch
Media Relations for CEOs, David S. Birdsell
Collaboration and Partnerships, Cristina Balboa
Nonprofits and Public-Private Partnerships, E.S. Savas
Diversity; What We Know and What You Should Know, Ryan Smith
Crisis Management: From Hurricanes to Bomb Threats, Jack Krauskopf
Real-Estate Basics for Nonprofit Leaders, Hilary Botein
Managing with Volunteers, Susan Chambre
IT for CEOs: What You Need to Know, Bill Ferns
Ethics for Nonprofit Leaders, Daniel Williams

'CEO Perspective' are presented by the following CEOs:
John Banks is the President of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY). He was previously Vice President of Government Relations at Con Edison and Chief of Staff for the New York City Council.
Gary Bagley is Executive Director of New York Cares.
Lorenzo Brown is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heaven’s Hands Community Services.
Joseph Cruickshank was formerly Executive Director of The Clark Foundation.
Michael Feller is a Distinguished Lecturer in the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs. Dr. Feller was previously Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at J.P. Morgan Chase and President of the J.P.Morgan Chase Foundation.
Tom Kamber is the founder and Executive Director of OATS. Among other jobs, Dr. Kamber was previously a tenant organizer in Harlem and the South Bronx.
Brooke Ritchie-Babbage is an attorney and policy advocate. She was previously founder and Executive Director of the Resilience Advocacy Project (RAP) for nine years.
Allison Sesso is Executive Director of the Human Services Council, having been promoted after a decade working at HSC.
Fatima Sharma is Executive Director at The Fresh Air Fund. She was previously Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs in the Bloomberg Administration.
Ariel Zwang is CEO of Staff Horizon.  She was previously Executive Director of New York Cares and a White House Fellow.

Capstone Project Advisor Nancy Aries

Program Leadership

Frederick S. Lane, Ph.D., is Academic Director of The Great Leaders Program and Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs at Baruch College.He is also a Faculty Fellow in the Marxe School’s Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management and a consultant in the management of nonprofit organizations.

"Not surprisingly, The Great Leaders Program is all about leadership. Our definition stresses influencing others to achieve shared goals. This approach is embedded throughout the courses and other activities.The goal is to positively impact the expectations and actions of the many stakeholders in any nonprofit organization.

We will be talking about:

  • championing a vision for nonprofit organizations
  • communicating effectively
  • clarifying how to achieve organizational goals
  • empowering other organizational participants
  • representing your organization in the network of groups with which it works as well as interpreting that world to your group
  • orchestrating change
  • making a real contribution to our society

Always adapting and pursuing organizational purpose, Great Leaders are part builder and part coach, part advocate and part poet."
---Frederick Lane, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and Academic Director, The Great Leaders Program

Attend our free Leadership Webinars and learn more about The Great Leaders Program; or inquire by emailing Edgar.Zavala@baruch.cuny.edu or calling (646) 660-6718.

To register, download the registration form or use our online form here. Email your resume, letter of application, letter of nomination/recommendation and any other relevant information to Edgar Zavala, Director of Executive Programs.

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