Launching and managing a Not-For-Profit

The Launching and Managing a Not-For-Profit certificate program provides comprehensive training on the steps involved in starting up and managing a 501(c)(3). In today's economy, entrepreneurs make decisions on the creation of charity models to support their causes. Leaders of successful charity project turn their heads toward business formalization. Financing and finding the right team for each project is critical; another key component is to understand the responsibility of managing such ventures. This program takes advantage of existing resources and interactive exercises to make the concepts and pathway to success an exciting one, delineating the crucial components of managing and launching a charitable organization.


8 days. 16 Hours. Dates: Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.,
October 22, 29; November 5, 12, 19; December 3, 10, 17 2015
Practitioners: Lucia Alcantara, Paul Habig
Registration is open for $550

To register download the registration form. For questions and information contact Edgar Zavala, Director of Executive Programs at or (646) 660-6718.

Program Overview:

Session 1: Visibility and Technology
Date: October 22

This session discusses how to use social media and technology to bring awareness to potential funders and clients of the new charity.

Session 2: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
Date: October 29
This session presents an overview of the nonprofit sector and how this sector has been able to satisfy needs that are usually fulfilled by the government. The definition of a charitable nonprofit organization is discussed.

Session 3: Incorporating a Not-For-Profit Charity
Date: November 5
This session delineates the steps to formally establish a charitable organization. By-laws, state incorporation, charitable registration, application for 501(c)(3) status and fiscal sponsorship will be explained.

Session 4: Business Plan
Date: November 12
In this session the outline of a business plan will be discussed. Students will be required to write a business plan for their projects and deliver such plan in session 6. Some of the projects will be randomly selected to be presented to the class for feedback.
Students are encouraged to get an appointment at the Baruch SBDC to get feedback on their business plans before session 7

Session 5: Panel Presentation
Date: November 19
One or two founders will be invited to the session to share their experience. The conversation will reflect on the “do’s” and “don’ts” while launching and managing a start-up charity.

Session 6: Leadership in Not-For-Profit Organizations
Date: December 3
This session focuses on the role of the Executive Director, Founder, Board, and Program Director. When launching a start-up venture, it is common that several roles end up in the shoulders of one or a small group of individuals.

Session 7: Business Plan Presentations
Date: December 10
Students will present their projects and will receive feedback from the class and the faculty.

Session 8: Managing a Not-For-Profit Organization
Date: December 17
This session focuses on processes and protocols that should be in place in order to run the organization.

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To register download the registration form. For questions and information contact Edgar Zavala, Director of Executive Programs at or (646) 660-6718.