partner programs

We are proud to offer a number of programs with other organizations that are designed to promote and enhance leadership in school systems across the country. To apply, please visit the individual websites of each of the partnering institutions below.

The New Leaders’ Aspiring Principals Program is offered in an agreement between Baruch College and New Leaders, Inc., a nonprofit organization that develops transformational school leaders and designs effective leadership policies and practices for school systems across the country. The program leads to eligibility for SBL certification. The focus is on training tomorrow’s principals to turn around underperforming schools and the lives of the students who attend them. Operated as a cohort model, the program involves an intensive summer session, followed by a full-time year-long school-based internship where the students engage in school-based projects and develop leadership expertise. The internships are led by exceptional mentor-principals and are accompanied by instruction that incorporates theory with practice. Classes are held on the Baruch College campus. Admissions are selective and application is made directly to New Leaders’ Inc. Tuition and fees are paid by New Leaders, Inc.

Four educational leadership programs are delivered by the New York City Leadership Academy and the New York City Department of Education (DOE).  Admissions are selective with tuition and fees paid by DOE.

  • The Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI). The ALI is a one-year leadership development program for high-performing principals, network, cluster, or central leaders. Taught by current DOE cluster leaders, ALI combines theory with clinically-rich learning experiences to develop the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes necessary to effectively lead at the systems-level.  Applications are made directly to DOE. Those who meet and demonstrate success will be considered for SDL certification.Candidates who already hold SDL certification are eligible to complete the Institute. 
  • The Leadership Academy’s Aspiring Principals Program (APP) is an intensive 12-month program that prepares participants for direct placement as a New York City principal and provides for SBL certification.  The program begins with a summer institute that provides the knowledge and skills necessary for managing instructional improvements, initiating effective organizational change, handling difficult school problems, and engaging parents and community in the accomplishment of educational goals. The institute is followed by a full-time internship in a school setting that involves implementing innovative projects and honing leadership skills. The internships are guided by mentor-principals selected for their outstanding track record of successful management of urban public schools.
  • The Leadership Advancement Program is a two-year course of study designed to develop the skills required for participants to take on the role of an assistant principal. This program focuses on a team approach to school reform, ultimately pairing the participant with an accomplished principal to manage a school. The instructional material is job-embedded and participants learn by using real-world school problems as the focus of their study.
  • The Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program is an on-the-job skills development program that prepares aspiring educators to become assistant principals and principals.  Participants develop leadership competencies as apprentices while remaining in their existing school positions.  The 12 month phased program includes: 1) summer session that engages participants in a problem-based, action-learning experience that simulates the challenges of a school administrator; 2) a 10-month, school-based residency under the mentorship of an expert principal; and 3) an ending summer session that enables participants to transition successfully into school leadership positions. All participants must meet rigorous performance standards to progress to each successive phase.