Educational Leadership and Supervision (K-12)

Learn to become a transformative superintendent, assistant principal, principal, or other school administrator through innovative K-12 Educational Leadership programs. Students are eligible for the College’s recommendation for state certification as initial School Building Leader (SBL) or professional School District Leader (SDL). SBL certification is necessary to pursue a career as a principal, and the SDL is required to become a superintendent. The completion of the entire SBL and SDL curriculum leads to a Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership (MSEd-EL).

The MSEd-EL requires the completion of 33 credits. Students are eligible after completing 24 credits to apply for SBL certification. Students who obtain the MSEd may complete an additional six credits in a two-semester practicum and are eligible to apply for SDL certification. Students who hold a master’s degree from another institution must complete an additional 15 credits to receive SDL certification. SDL certification necessitates the completion of one course each in the areas of policy, research, and management.

Degree and Program Requirements

The initial SBL requires:

  • Completion of a NYS Registered Program – School Building Leader
  • Fingerprint Clearance
  • Institutional Recommendation
  • Additional Education – Master’s Degree
  • Examination – School Building Leader – Part I & II
  • Paid, Full-time Classroom Teaching/PPS Experience – 3 Years
  • Completion of State Workshops (Child Abuse, Violence Prevention, DASA)
  • New York State Teacher Certification Exam - Educating All Students Test (EAS)

The SDL requires: 

The paths to SBL and SDL certification are either through courses delivered directly by Baruch College—the SAM program and SDL track—and in partnership agreements with the following:

Baruch’s educational leadership courses are mapped to tailored instruction. The mapping is based on research on how best to cultivate state-of-the-art leadership skills in schools. Instruction is led by expert facilitators with advanced degrees and considerable managerial experience in public education. The latest scholarship is a part of every class and there is considerable hands-on experience in school settings. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of top administrators in the New York City public school system have completed education courses through the partnerships with Baruch College.

How To Apply
To apply, follow the instructions on either the SBL or SDL websites.

Educational leadership inquiries can be made to