Dear Old Ticker

The Ticker office became a room I visited every day after my first visit there. I made like-minded friends who'd discuss the arts and philosophy in the midst of our bustling business school, and in 1983, when another student and I wanted to start a literary journal (called Words from Babylon, Professor Roslyn Bernstein was the faculty advisor), it was The Ticker that let us use their office, their supplies, and, of course, gave us their support. I remember being interviewed by Lisa Rhodes for a story The Ticker did about our literary journal, and we in turn published a few of The Ticker staff's poems and short stories. For the next two years, The Ticker office became a pseudoliterary salon lorded over by Erin Blackwell, the editor in chief, who by then had written her first play, whose performance we all attended at the Cornelia Street Café.

The Ticker was a place where I always felt welcomed and where my love for writing was finally cemented. I will always remember it with great fondness.