A Short but Sweet Tenure

A place of purpose and solaceI and others were editors at The Ticker in the spring of 1971. In the spirit of the times, we had columns on race relations, leftist and rightwing politics, and rock 'n' roll and printed the paper in a quarter-fold. We intentionally neglected the purpose of a school paper—the everyday events that drive an institution. We would often run a picture on the front cover with a caption that was whim, not fact. One cover had a photograph of two hefty lumberjacks in plaid shirts shaking hands, with the headline "Marketing and Management Departments Merge." Another, however, incurred the wrath of the Baruch administration and the Board of Higher Education. The front page was filled with a drawing of a bar-room brawl with about 10 people fighting. The caption read, "President Drops Quarter at Facility Meeting." For that and scores of other reasons, our tenure as editors was limited to one term.