Thursday Night at the Printer

It is nearly 60 years since I was the editor in chief of The Ticker, but I still remember our Thursday nights. After working on articles all week, editing and rewriting, the staff went to the printer on Thursday night to watch their work being printed. In those days, they used linotype machines (I bet current Ticker staff have no idea what that is), and after each article was set in type, it had to be proofread, corrected, and set in the page layouts. There was work for all, but the main reason for coming to the printer was to enjoy being together, have some refreshments (if the editor had a slush fund), and watch with pride as your article, on which you had worked hard, was now in print. The friendships we formed at The Ticker were based on working together during the week but culminated in Thursday night at the printer. Whenever I think about those nights, I have a warm feeling about what made my time at Baruch so enjoyable, even after 60 years.