tickerWhen I took over as chief in the fall of 1946, I had a wonderful core of people to work with and some very exceptional traditions to follow. Friday nights, issue nights, were always very special—mob scenes for dinner at one of the nearby restaurants after readying the copy, then checking the proofs, preparing page dummies, and working out headlines at the printer's in Greenwich Village. It was a very exciting period in my life. If we could keep the laughing down, it was possible to get home before 2 am. But with the jokesters we had on board, that was no easy task. To name a few who come to mind: Henry Brief, Ralph "Windy" Ginzburg (yes, that one!), Herb Thau, Ellie Lewit, Sol Buchalter, Zelda Schwartzberg, Sy Barasch, Clare Turk, Leo Fassler, "Red" Press, and the irrepressible Jerry Smilowitz. Who can forget the explosion that rocked the Italian restaurant where we were dining one issue night when "Butterball" (that's me), after plowing through his pasta, garlic bread, and rich dessert, insisted to the waiter that he had to have Sweet 'N Low with his coffee.