I was part of the first liberal arts class, admitted in '68. This was during the height of the Vietnam War. There were some interesting cultural differences between the liberal arts and business students then. During this time, I joined The Ticker and worked on it for several years. I believe I started the first rock music column. I've forgotten what it was called! I loved writing about popular music at a time when I and everyone else were discovering new directions and sounds, while dealing with the draft lottery, and being right there downtown in the middle of music, arts, and related scenes and issues.

I got to meet wonderful musicians of great talent and integrity and interview them for The Ticker: Jesse Colin Young from the Youngbloods (at one point the 24th Street building was an RCA recording studio!), Scott Muni and Pete Fornatale, legends of WNEW-FM radio, and the wonderful country rock band Poco. I sat next to visionary Beach Boy Brian Wilson's wife and mother at a Carnegie Hall concert but didn't get to interview the reclusive and often emotionally wrought Brian. I got to receive and collect literally thousands of LPs and correspond with musicians and publicists and promo types from all over the country.

During my tenure, the wonderful and perhaps long-forgotten English Professor Ken Lawless decided to give a course on rock and roll lyrics as literature and poetry. It was incredible to learn that Professor Lawless deemed my Ticker column required reading for the course! True story!

I can tell you without hesitation that The Ticker experience was wonderful and a great chance to share my love for music with a curious audience in a charged, exciting community and environment.