Still Writing for The Ticker After All These Years

I was a sports reporter for The Ticker in the 1953–54 and 1954–55 school years and sports editor of the paper in the Fall 1955 semester. After graduation in June 1956, and three years in the Navy, I embarked on a journalism career, which included two years at the New York Times and 25 years at the Wall Street Journal, where I was a reporter, columnist, bureau chief, and foreign correspondent. I retired from the WSJ at the end of 1990.

My experience at The Ticker was invaluable training. We had extremely high standards in our editorial content. We modeled ourselves after the Times, right down to a very demanding regimen that all our headlines had to fit tightly and that no line could end in a preposition, like "to," or a conjunction, like "and." And, of course, there were our April Fool's issues, one of which lampooned "The Grim Gray Times"!

Dow Jones & Co., which publishes the Wall Street Journal, also operated the Dow Jones Newswire, commonly known as "the Ticker," to which all reporters were required to contribute. I don't know how many times I cracked to my colleagues: "I've been out of college for years, but I'm still writing for The Ticker!" I hope The Ticker staff of today learns as much as we did— and has as much fun.