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Ah, The Ticker. The name evokes vivid memories, even a half-century later.

One memorable all-nighter followed the renaming of the school in 1953 for Bernard Baruch. Classes were suspended for the Convocation, and the auditorium was packed. "Humble as this school may seem," the 83-year-old financier told us, "it comes far closer to giving reality to the American dream than many better-known colleges." Our special edition included comments by President Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, and other figures.

On a personal note, my Ticker background led to a cushy Army job after I was drafted, as well as my first newspaper job. And one more thing: In 1952–53, I was Ticker co–sports editor with Arthur Stern, who invited me to his wedding after graduation. There I met his cousin Lenore, my future wife, who is with me still. That was a Ticker bonus.ticker staff