High on Runyon and Dr. Brown

I remember my days on The Ticker with great joy. When I became features editor, I felt like the next Damon Runyon.

Runyon and Dr. BrownThe day The Ticker went to press was always an exciting and a very long day. We complained about having to stay up until one or two in the morning at the printer's, going over the galley proofs and deciding on last-minute stories. But, in truth, we enjoyed the late hours, because they made us feel like real reporters. It was traditional—after the paper was put to bed—to gather at a deli for a drink and sandwich. It was the camaraderie of the team I remember most . . . and miss to this day. Late nights and heavy drinking, except we had Dr Brown's cream sodas with our deli sandwiches.

LARRY FIELD ('52, DCSc [HON.] '04)