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Photo by Jerry Speier

Baruch's First Fulbright Winner

Joselyn Muhleisen, a BS candidate in the School of Public Affairs, was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in April. It is the first ever won by a Baruch undergraduate. Joselyn plans to take her Fulbright to the College of Europe in Brugge, Belgium, where she will work toward a master's degree in European international relations and diplomacy.

At 21 Joselyn's already something of a world traveler. During her sophomore year, she went
to Italy to learn Italian. Other trips followed: Switzerland, Romania, France, and Mexico. In the spring of 2006, she took a semester off to accept an internship in the State Department's Bureau of European Affairs in Washington, D.C. This summer, prior to taking up her Fulbright, she will use her CUNY Colin Powell Fellowship to learn more about the European Union in Brussels.

What does her career future hold? She's not certain yet. She may pursue further studies at the London School of Economics or work for the U.S. Foreign Service or a think tank.
But right now she's basking in her good fortune: "I feel like Charlie given the pass to
Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory." What appropriate sentiments for one headed to Belgium. We wish her sweet success.


The euphoria over Joselyn's Fulbright award had barely subsided when more good news reached the College: Baruch had another Fulbright winner, Christopher Bell, a Master of Public Administration candidate with interests in post-Soviet Eastern Europe.