book club

Oprah's not the only one with a book club. Going on its second year is Baruch's Faculty Book Club, which is sponsored by the provost's office and features selections that stimulate discussion of what constitutes effective college-level teaching. This past year's book, Donald L. Finkel's Teaching with Your Mouth Shut (Boynton/Cook, 2000), provoked discussion about innovative, nontraditional models of classroom teaching.

Case-study driven, Finkel's book proposes an alternative democratic (possibly Socratic) vision with chapters titled "Let the Students Do the Talking" and "Refusing to 'Teach': Separating Power and Authority in the Classroom." Joining in this year's discussion were professors from across the curriculum. Leading the conversation were Baruch Associate Professor Elisabeth Gareis and Adjunct Professor Leigh Williams, both from the Department of Communication Studies.

"The book club provides a perfect forum for discussing the latest developments in pedagogy. Conversations are always spirited, and book club members invariably learn new ways of teaching even more effectively to engage all students in the learning process," says Gareis. Last year's book was Wlodkowski and Ginsberg's Diversity and Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching.