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UNBUTTONED: Baruch Podcasts on CUNY Radio,
No Longer All Business

When CUNY offered its member institutions the opportunity to showcase their expertise in the form of audio podcasts, the Zicklin School of Business was among the first to respond. Zicklin Dean John Elliott and Baruch's Chief Communications Officer Carol Abrams put together the Baruch Business Report, a mix of business features in interview format, snapshots of the results of the CFO Survey conducted quarterly by Zicklin and Financial Executives Incorporated (FEI), and discussions of current economic trends.

Podcasting, the downloading to a computer or portable media player of a syndicated audio feed subscription service available online, is a fairly recent technological advance that has taken off. CUNY Radio offers a variety of podcasts on a plethora of topics.

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The podcasts' range of topics has been expanding since the program's inception in summer 2006, and listeners may now choose from a wide variety of subjects, including sports, college events, and faculty and staff achievements as well as business issues. Recent offerings include:

  • An interview with Matt Soja, Baruch student and record-setting cross-country runner. His victory in the CUNY Athletic Conference Championship was the first individual championship for the Baruch men's cross-country program.
  • A broadcast on the recent patent awarded to the director of Baruch's Computer Center for Visually Impaired People (CCVIP), Karen Gourgey, for her development of the Talking Tactile Tablet, an interactive computer peripheral device that visually impaired people can use to learn about everything from the geography of African countries to the geometry of Euclid and much more. This podcast also featured a New York Times Tech Talk segment on the device, via their website.
  • Baruch law professor, immigration lawyer, Daily News columnist, and author of U.S. Immigration and Citizenship—Your Complete Guide, Allan Wernick tackles immigration and citizenship questions. Each week, he guides listeners through the labyrinth of federal laws, court decisions, agency rules, and policies, offering practical advice in response to questions from his readers.