My congratulations to the entire staff of the Office of Communications and Marketing for the publication of another superior issue of the alumni magazine. The editorial content and overall graphics are of the highest order. And, needless to say, I was especially proud of my profile in Class Notes [BCAM Fall 2006]. Marina Zogbi deserves praise for the manner in which she reported the story.

The magazine had me reliving my days at Baruch (then the School of Business and Civic Administration of the College of the City of New York), and they were wonderful moments. And how much more digestible is the Baruch College name.

Continued good wishes to all for future success,




I was delighted to read the interview with Freda Silberman [BCAM Fall 2006]. One would never have guessed that Freda ever doubted her ability to shepherd the Silberman series. She has a wonderful ear and a sure sense of the ability of the performers she engages to communicate with Baruch students. Thousands of students are grateful to her and to her husband Aaron ('46) for their generosity to Baruch College. And I am grateful for her friendship.

DENNIS SLAVIN, Associate Provost, Baruch College
Dennis Slavin is the former chair of Baruch's Department of Music, which is now
part of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts.




The BCAM article on Bernard Baruch's goddaughter Virginia Van Ess Lindsey ["The Godfather: Bernard Baruch," Summer 2006] was brought to my attention by my co-worker Adele Franzblau, and I enjoyed it so much. Not only was it new information to me, it was well written by Diane Harrigan. We've shared it with the rest of our staff and volunteers at Hobcaw Barony as well as with Mary E. Miller, the author of our newest publication, The Baroness of Hobcaw, the biography of Belle W. Baruch. The biography was released in 2006 along with a history of Hobcaw Barony (Plantation Between the Waters: A Brief History of Hobcaw Barony), finally getting into print more information about the Baruchs' connection to South Carolina.

Thank you for spotlighting more of "the private man behind the august public persona."

LEE G. BROCKINGTON, Senior Interpreter at Hobcaw Barony, The Belle W. Baruch Foundation

In 1905 Bernard Baruch bought Hobcaw Barony, a sprawling southern seaside retreat where he entertained world leaders and captains of industry. His oldest child, Belle, grew up at Hobcaw and began buying the estate in 1935. On her death in 1964, she willed the 17,500-acre refuge to South Carolina's colleges and universities for wildlife conservation and biological research.


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