baruch in brief

Much like writers who require a room of their own to pen a masterpiece, researchers also need their own space to compile and analyze the data that forms the backbone of their work. Baruch’s newly opened Research and Statistical Consulting Laboratory is just such a place. The lab provides statistical consulting services to Baruch faculty and PhD students engaged in empirical research in business, public policy, and social and behavioral sciences, as well as a fully equipped facility where research experiments can be designed and conducted.

Illustration by Warren Gebert

Opened in February 2007 and developed by Karl R. Lang, an associate professor of computer information systems at Baruch's Zicklin School of Business, the facility offers 40 computer workstations, two network printers, a variety of current statistical software, dividers that separate subjects to prevent corruption of the experiments, a meeting space for presentations and consultations, and office space for faculty and staff. The Research and Statistical Consulting Laboratory fosters high-quality, interdisciplinary research that will place Baruch on the cutting edge of statistical technology and experimental research.