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If you’re one of the lucky people who found love in class, at registration, at orientation, or just roaming the halls of 17 Lex, please share your story with us for possible future inclusion.

Please write to Baruch College Alumni Magazine, Office of Communications and Marketing, One Bernard Baruch Way, Box A-1503, New York, NY 10010-5585 or e-mail



Over the years, many of you have reached out to the magazine about relationships you started during your time at Baruch College. The stories are all intriguing—and some have really stood the test of time, lasting for 40, 50, and 60 years plus.

Several of the stories we've heard confirm the belief of medieval poets—that love enters through the eyes. For others, place proves important, whether the El train or the ninth floor lounge. In all cases, your testimony affirms Baruch’s continued ability not only to inspire a thirst for knowledge but also to ignite the fires of romance. And we want to keep sharing the love. We urge those of you who met at Baruch—whether or not you’ve subsequently married or celebrated your partnership—to tell us your story. We’ll run it in an upcoming issue, either in print or online.

Kevin (’04) and Nimisha Dave (’04) Baball

Walter (’79) and Jocelyn Levi (’80) Barandiaran

Jerome (’48) and Lorraine Rager (’49) Fisch

Maria German (’04) and Faisal Khan (’04)

Gary (’76) and Michelle Tubis (’77) Gluckow

Diana Lazarte (’05) and Keith R. Harden (’05)

George (’54) and Harriet Borah (’54, MSEd ’58) Leib

Murray (’49) and Zina Sokol (’47) Hirsh

Morty (’54) and Corinne Goldberg (’55) LaPayover

Melvin F. (’60) and Leona Weiss (’62) Lazar

Murray (’35) and Adele Chernev (’36) Weinstein

Burt Lee (’70) and Susan Milch (’73) Seifman

Wallace Williams (’92) and Milagros Colon-Williams (’92)

Class of ’55 Connections

War and … Love






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