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Reading Room

Users With Disabilities



The Newman Library received an award from Access New York recognizing its easy accessibility to users with disabilities. Elevators, restrooms, and water fountains are wheelchair accessible. Room numbers and call number labels in the book stacks are printed in Braille.


The Newman Library works closely with the Baruch College Office of Services to Students with Disabilities to ensure that library resources are accessible.

  • A text enlarger is located across from the periodicals desk on the third floor.
  • A wheelchair - accessible computer is located on every floor of the library.
  • 2 PCs with assistive software on the 2nd floor (carrels 25 and 26) are designated for priority use by students with disabilities and accept a guest login.
  • Printers on the second floor are wheelchair height.
  • Group study rooms are available for students who work with a reader.
  • The Assistive Technology Room (Room 345) has a Braille typewriter, a Kurzweil reader, and a computer equipped with enlargement software and voice synthesis software. Baruch College students who need access to the room must go to the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities to have their ID card coded to permit swipe access.
  • Library staff are available to help with the retrieval of materials and the use of electronic databases.


Baruch College students should contact the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities to learn about the equipment and services that are available to assist with using the library and its technology.

All other library users should contact the Office of the Chief Librarian.