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Jewish Resource Center

About the Jewish Resource Center

Formally established in May 1998, the Jewish Resource Center (JRC) serves as the Jewish address of Baruch College. It is called a "Resource Center" rather than the customary Jewish Studies center or program because of its linkage to Lewis Weston's Jewish Resource Fund which served as the initial gift to endow the Center.

Primarily known for its business school, there is little call for a Jewish Studies major or minor at Baruch College. The center does not sponsor courses. It has no faculty lines, rather the JRC seeks to strengthen already existing Jewish content courses by stimulating registration from the approximately 2,000 Jewish students, many children of recent Russian immigrants. Its close relationship with Hillel greatly helps in that endeavour. It also advertises Jewish content courses in the local press in order to attract auditors from the surrounding community which boasts a high Jewish population density. The current director of the JRC is Professor Emeritus Henry Feingold, a well-known scholar who specializes in American Jewish history and the Holocaust and edited the well-known five volume series The Jewish People in America. He has taught at the College for over three decades. Its administrator is Veronica Manlow.

A major part of the JRC program is directed at serving the Baruch faculty and the neighboring community through a series of films and lectures. It also maintains an active relationship with neighboring Jewish cultural agencies like the newly established Center for Jewish History. It is affiliated with the Jewish Community Relations Council, and other Jewish community and cultural agencies. The JRC is heir to Baruch College's once strong Jewish representation in its student body and faculty. Today that presence takes the form support of the College's multi-ethnic and multi-racial student population by its alumni through the Baruch College Fund.