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International Student Service Center


The International Student Service Center (ISSC) coordinates all immigration aspects and administrative services for the International Students of Baruch College. The ISSC serves a population of approximately 2200 international students from all around the world. We provide programs of special interest to our new incoming and continuing International Students.



The mission of the International Student Service Center (ISSC) is to promote academic success, leadership, support and enhancement of the Baruch experience for the international students, and scholars attending our Undergraduate, Graduate and Continuing Professional Studies programs. Using insights from current regulations and practices, the ISSC provides immigration services and facilitates institutional sensitivity to the cultural needs of the international students and exchange visitors.  ISSC continues to educate our International Student Population and the College community about the rules and regulations that govern the enrollment of our international students in order to ensure that both the College and the international students remain in compliance with immigration regulations set forth by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

We continue our commitment to establish new partnerships with the various offices and departments within the College as well as nurturing the partnerships we have already formed. By continuing to serve as a dedicated, educational and social catalyst to diverse student population, we support one of the goals of the College.

The ISSC continues to strive to create an environment that is both conducive and productive to meet the needs of our international students. The ISSC serves as a key resource providing valuable information to our international students via our departmental website, various workshops and an open door policy within the department. It is with great pride that we serve as a liaison to the United States Department of State and Homeland Security.