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During Hurricane Sandy, Baruch College proudly served as one of the city’s largest shelters to more than 600 New Yorkers. The College continues to be a resource for the community raising money and collecting supplies, providing services to businesses and residents, and sharing expertise on issues related to the aftermath. Learn how Baruch College is helping the community on the Road to Recovery.

Message from the President

President Mitchel Wallerstein On the first day the College re-opened, Baruch President Mitchel Wallerstein sent a message to the College expressing his gratitude and recognizing the hard work and perseverance of the Baruch community during the hurricane. See full message


Evacuees slept on cots inside Baruch College's gymnasium during Hurricane Sandy. Photo courtesy of Baruch College.Baruch students joined students from other CUNY schools to volunteer with relief efforts in Staten Island.Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney came to Baruch and presented a hurricane recovery information session for small businesses.Baruch College's gymnasium was a temporary home for about 600 New Yorkers during Hurricane Sandy. Photo courtesy of Baruch College.The Coca-Cola Company donated soft drinks and water for evacuees. Photo courtesy of Baruch College.Baruch volunteers visited Staten Island and collected garbage and debris left behind by Hurricane Sandy.Strong winds brought on by Hurricane Sandy destroyed this home. Photo by M. Chase CollumBen Messner, Associate Director of Student Life at Baruch College, helps repair a roof of a house in Staten Island.Baruch students clean the inside of a home that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

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Baruch Relief Efforts and Services

Baruch College is lending a helping hand to people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Read about the relief efforts and services available.

Updates for Baruch Students

Baruch students can obtain helpful information including the revised academic schedule, advisement and other resources to help get back on track and complete the fall 2012 semester. See full updates

CUNY Resources and Services

Resources and services available to the CUNY community and include outside agencies offering support and services to students, faculty, and staff dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. See CUNY resources and services