Baruch Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office (formerly IRB)

CUNY Policies and Procedures, Downloadable Forms, and Reference Materials


CUNY HRPP Overview:

Submitting to the IRB:

Review Types and Processes:

IRB Requirements:

Types of Research:

Collaborative Research:

Subject Populations:

Compliance Monitoring:

Education and Training:

CUNY Policies and Manual:

Application Materials:

Informed Consent Sample Templates: <Template Synopsis>

Informed Consent Process/Guidance Documents:

*Please review the above documents as you are creating your assent/consent forms.

Adult Screening/Consent Templates:

Child/Adolescent Assent & Parental Permission Templates:

IRBNet Directions:

*These instructions are for initial submissions only.

 **These instructions are for previous applications submitted on IRBNet only. If you are submitting your application for the first time, please follow the IRBNet Energizer Researcher 1 instructions.

Reference/ Educational Materials: