Baruch Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office (formerly IRB)

Non-Baruch CUNY Researcher Information

CUNY Researchers in this context are faculty, staff, and students that are not affiliated with Baruch College, nor collaborating with Baruch investigators but wish to conduct research activities at Baruch College.  Please note that research activities involving Non-Baruch Researchers are limited to the posting of flyers with permission from the Student Life Office. Documentation of CUNY HRPP/IRB approval must be provided.

To request Student Life Office permission, please contact Dannery Minaya at

If you would like to recruit from additional CUNY campuses, you must contact the HRPP Offices for those campuses prior to the initation of research activities.

Click here for a list of CUNY HRPP Coordinators and CUNY HRPP Office Information.