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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

RF Employee Policies & Procedures


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Guide for Principle Investigators

Recruitment & Termination Procedures for RF Employees

Recruitment, Advertisement, and Selection
Please Note: Responsibility for recruitment, advertisement and selection lies with the individual college and the project director at that campus. However, the following RF employment guidelines must be followed:

  • All recruitment, advertisement, interviewing and selection must be conducted in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner.
  • The RF requires Personnel Vacancy Notice (PVN) and searches for all positions funded for one year or more (exception: appointments of CUNY Graduate Students).   To manage your PVNs, go to the RF website logon and go to your Application Tracking page.
  • The PVN must be submitted to the Campus Affirmative Action Officer and the Campus Personnel Officer for signature, then forwarded to the RF's Director of Employment Practices and Policies.
  • When advertising, include the ethnic, minority and community press.
  • Any print advertisement should include the line "EO/AA/ADA Employer" (Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Americans with Disabilities Act Employer).
  • Contact your campus Affirmative Action Officer for the policies and procedures regarding recruitment, advertisement, interviewing and selection at your college.
  • The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) requires that an Employment Eligibility Verification/I-9 form be completed before the commencement of employment.  

The RF's Affirmative Action Policy explicitly exempts positions offered to CUNY Graduate Students from Affirmative Action Searches.

Terminating an Employee
When an employee leaves a program for any reason

  • before his or her Encumbrance End Date, or
  • at the Encumbrance End Date with no intention of returning to RF employ,

the PI must input a ‘Termination' e-PAF * immediately.

Without it:

  • The RF cannot re-budget funds;
  • An employee may be inadvertently paid for hours s/he did not work;
  • The Research Foundation will not have the appropriate information in order to fill out a Department of Labor inquiry form;
  • The project may continue to be liable for medical benefits; and/or
  • A COBRA notice will not be sent out in a timely manner.

When the Project Director, or Principal Investigator needs to terminate an employee for cause , the RF's Director of Employment Policy and Practice (at 212-417-8601 ) should be called before any such action is taken . You will be informed of the procedures necessary to follow and the paperwork that must be filled out.

If an employee resigns voluntarily from the Research Foundation, always ask that person for a signed letter of resignation.

Without it:

  • It is not technically a resignation. It becomes job abandonment; and The Research Foundation will not have the appropriate information in order to fill out a Department of Labor inquiry form.

Guide for Principle Investigators

Last Updated on 10/07/2011