Golden Key, A History

Golden Key Was Founded in 1977. Its main purpose was, and still is, to recognise academic achievement among college and university students. Traditionally, the top 15% of undergraduate upperclassmen are invited to join.

Benefits of Membership

Golden Key membership, by invitation only, is offered to the top 15% of juniors and seniors in all fields of study at major colleges and universities worldwide. Qualifying for Golden Key membership acknowledges exceptional ability to perform at a high academic level.

1. Academic Recognition

  • Recognition by an international honours organization
  • Induction ceremony and reception honoring new members
  • Personalized membership certificate

  • 2. Resume Builder

  • Strengthens and enhances your resume
  • Promotes distinction as a scholar and as a high achiever

  • 3. Exclusive Job/Career Opportunities

  • Exclusive internship and employment opportunities through Golden Key's corporate affiliates
  • Career Assistance Reference (500+ employers)
  • Golden Key online career center providing access to 14,000 employers and tools to assist in your job search

  • 4. Scholarships & Awards

  • Over $300,000 awarded annually in undergraduate and graduate scholarships
  • Click Here to view a listing of Golden Key scholarships and awards.

  • 5. Networking: Nationally and Internationally

  • 280+ chapters in the U.S., Virgin Islands, Puerto Rice, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia
  • One million members from 151 countries
  • Network of high achievers, accomplished university faculty and staff, and global companies
  • Access to Golden Key's international chapter directory and online alumni directory

  • 6. Leadership and Community Service Opportunities

  • Local, regional and international leadership positions
  • International conventions and regional conferences
  • Local, regional and international community service programs

  • 7. Web Based Training

  • Golden Key webinars focus on teaching chapter officers and members about available online resources, chapter standards, service opportunities and much more.
  • Sample Webinars from the Golden Key Website are available Here

  • 8. Graduate School Connections

  • Golden Key believes in connecting its members with continuing educational opportunities.
  • The Society maintains graduate school partnerships with academic institutions that provide various graduate degree opportunities.