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The purpose of the Baruch Global Micro-Grant Program is to support new and ongoing global activities on campus. As described in the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, one of the College’s strategic goals is to “Deepen Engagement with the World Outside Campus.” This can happen in many ways. Traditionally, global engagement meant studying abroad, or welcoming international students to our campus community. Due to funding and program/course constraints, not every Baruch College student will have the opportunity to study abroad. However, as a campus community, we can encourage a global outlook by supporting activities which open students’ minds to the rest of the world. “Internationalization” on campus is one way that students, faculty and staff can all share global experiences.

The Baruch Global Micro-Grant Program aims to provide small, targeted amounts of funding to build on and expand student activities and events on campus. Global engagement opportunities on campus can take many forms, from interactions with international students and visiting scholars in classrooms and presentations to informal discussions about food, culture, traditions, development, cinema and many other topics. The goal is to enhance these existing global engagement opportunities and expand the spaces where these global engagement opportunities take place.

Proposal Development and Structure (see attached downloadable Application)

  • Applicant Name and Contact Information: Student Club/Organization and main point of contact
  • Amount Requested:
  • Description of proposed event/activity:
  • Date(s) of proposed event/activity:
  • Goal/Scope of outreach: what can participants hope to gain by attending this event; how will this proposed activity enhance or encourage global engagement in the campus community?

Types of Activities/Events Eligible for Funding

Funds must be used to support, enhance or expand the global awareness of the Baruch community. Activities or events supported by this program must be open to all members of the Baruch College community . In addition, supported events/activities must actively encourage outreach beyond the club or organization seeking the funds. Examples for events/activities may include additional funds for food or drinks (ie water, coffee, tea, etc) to encourage attendance and expand the audience or funds for signs or banners. Applicants may suggest other ideas which are specific to their event or activity.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants are limited to Baruch College Office of Student Life- approved student clubs or organizations.

Available Funding and Deadline

Applicants may request up to $250 per application submission.Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis and based on availability of funding. Funds requested must be commensurate with the scope of the planned activities. The program will entertain applications above $250 if the proposal includes new, innovative, or bold ideas for events/activities.

Funding Mechanism

Once an award has been approved, the Office of the Global Initiatives will communicate with the applicant to discuss the mechanism for provision of funds. Note that due to the nature of available CUNY procedures, funds will be available in two main ways:

  1. Reimbursement (based on original receipts, sign-in sheets for event participants, etc.)
  2. Direct payment of invoices (ex. restaurant or catering invoice for food/drinks)


Within one month of the event/activity, a short report (a paragraph or so) should be submitted to the Office of Global Initiatives. The report shall consist of a description of the activities, as well as a description of the outreach and global engagement outcomes (i.e., was the event well-attended? Were participants engaged? Was there a high-level of discourse of a global nature?)

Any photos/video clips from the events would also be appreciated. The Office of Global Initiatives will post some descriptions and photos on its website, as well as social media.

Application Submission and Questions

Please submit completed applications (and any questions/queries about the program) to You may submit additional information/attachments as needed.