NYC Transportation: Bus | Port Authority | Rail | Subway

Datasets on this page were produced by Halcrow Inc in 2012. These datasets are copyrighted and may only be used for non-profit, educational purposes by current Baruch students, faculty, and staff. If you use this data you must cite Halcrow as the source. Distributing this data to others or use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

* Due to the license agreement these datasets cannot be distributed over the public internet. Use your Baruch email address and contact the geospatial data librarian to access restricted datasets. If you are NOT affiliated with Baruch College CUNY you may NOT request access (go here for free alternatives).


Name Features File Type Size Download
Bus Ridership   excel file
Bus Routes (2012, 2004, & 1998) lines shapefile
Bus Stops (2012, 2004, & 1998) points shapefile

Port Authority

Name Features File Type Size Download
Port Authority Rail Lines (Path and AirTrain) lines shapefile
Port Authority Rail Stations points shapefile


Name Features File Type Size Download
Long Island Railroad Lines lines shapefile
Long Island Railroad Stations points shapefile
Metro North Rail Lines lines shapefile
Metro North Stations points shapefile


Name Features File Type Size Download
Subway Entrances points shapefile
Subway Lines lines shapefile
Subway Ridership   excel file
Subway Stations points shapefile

Publicly available alternatives: the MTA provides raw data feeds that can be used to construct GIS layers. The CUNY Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research has processed much of this data into shapefiles that can be freely downloaded. The NYC GDB includes some transit layers (subway stations, subway ridership, train stations).