Presidential Election Data

The dataset on this page was created as part of the Newman Library's 2008 presidential election online exhibit: Red States, Blue States: Electoral Strategy Behind the Map. The database is a Microsoft Access personal geodatabase and contains the following raw data that was used to create the exhibit:

For more information about the data sources and structure consult the metadata below. The database does NOT contain finished maps.

Name Features File Type Size Download
Narrative metadata text txt file 3 KB README.txt
XML metadata text xml file 2 KB ElectionGeo.xml
Election Geodatabase polygons and data mdb file 11 MB
2004 County Presidential Vote

Disclaimer: The information contained in the Election Geodatabase was compiled from public sources. The Newman Library, Baruch College, and CUNY make no representation as to the accuracy of the information or its suitability for any purpose. The library, college, and university disclaim any liability for errors that may be contained therein.