UM China Data Center Datasets

2000-2010 Provincial | 2009 City Statistical | Historical County | 2000 Provincial Detailed

Datasets on this page were produced by China Marketing Research Co. Ltd as part of the University of Michigan China Data Center Statistical series. These datasets are copyrighted and may only be used for non-profit, educational purposes by current Baruch students, faculty, and staff. If you use this data, you must cite UM CDC as the source. Distributing this data to others or use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

* Due to the license agreement these datasets cannot be distributed over the public internet. Current members of Baruch should use their Baruch email address to contact the geospatial data librarian to access restricted datasets. If you are NOT affiliated with Baruch College CUNY you may NOT request access.

2000-2010 China Province Population Census Data

Data from 2012. List of Variables
Name Features File Type Size Download
Admin boundaries polygons shapefile
Highways lines shapefile
Major Rivers lines shapefile
Provinces & Population Data polygons shapefile
Provincial Trunk Roads lines shapefile
Railways lines shapefile
Rivers lines shapefile
State Roads lines shapefile

2009 China City Statistical Indicators

Data from 2009. List of Variables
Name Features File Type Size Download
Cities points shapefile
Cities polygons shapefile
City Data excel file
Prefectures points shapefile
Prefectures polygons shapefile
Prefecture Data excel file

Historical China County Population Census Data

Data from 2005. List of Variables
Name Features File Type Size Download
Counties 1953 polygons shapefile
County Data 1953 excel file
Counties 1964 polygons shapefile
County Data 1964 excel file
Counties 1982 polygons shapefile
County Data 1982 excel file
Counties 1990 polygons shapefile
County Data 1990 excel file
Counties 2000 polygons shapefile
County Data 2000 excel file
Provinces 1953 polygons shapefile
Province Data 1953 excel file
Provinces 1964 polygons shapefile
Province Data 1964 excel file
Provinces 1982 polygons shapefile
Province Data 1982 excel file
Provinces 1990 polygons shapefile
Province Data 1990 excel file
Provinces 2000 polygons shapefile
Province Data 2000 excel file

Detailed 2000 Provincial Data

The following collections of data are available for these four provinces: Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Shanghai

* 2000 Census Data with GRID Maps (includes township bndys, vector pop grid, and census data)
* 2000 County Census Data (similar to datasets listed above)
* 2000 Province Census Data (similar to datasets listed above)
* 2000 Township Census Data (includes township bndys, reference features, and census data)
* Historical County Census Data 1953-2000 (similar to datasets listed above)