The Baruch Geoportal is hosted in the Newman Library and provides GIS data and maps. Data access to Baruch, CUNY, and members of the public varies based on the dataset.


Data - download GIS data for use within a geographic information system

Maps - download static maps in pdf and png formats

GIS at Baruch - visit the GIS subject guide for information about GIS software, facilities, courses, tutorials, and library resources

GIS Practicum Manual - tutorial for the GIS Practicum, Introduction to GIS Using Open Source Software


US Population centroids - Created by the GIS Lab from US Census data, this new point dataset represents the mean centers of a population's distribution for given geographic areas.

Updates to the nyc_gdb - An updated version of the NYC Geodatabase is now available for download. Updates include 2009-2013 Census American Community Survey data for PUMAs, ZCTAs, and census tracts.

Updated GIS Practicum Manual - the latest version of the GIS Practicum Manual is now available. Revised and updated for QGIS 2.6, this tutorial introduces users to GIS using open source software.