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General Education Requirements

Pathways at Baruch: The Required Core

Part I, the Required Core, is made up of four courses, which must be taken in three different areas.

The learning goals or outcomes of each area within the Required Core are listed here.

At Baruch, the courses that satisfy the Required Core are:

English Composition (two courses required)

ENG 2100 (or ENG 2100T) Writing I
ENG 2150 (or ENG 2150T) Writing II


Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning* (one course required)

MTH 2140 Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning**
MTH 2160 Ideas in Mathematics and Their Applications**
MTH 2003 Precalculus and Elements of Calculus
MTH 2205 Applied Calculus
MTH 2207 Applied Calculus and Matrix Applications
MTH 2610 Calculus I

*Zicklin and SPA students should not take MTH 2140 or MTH 2160, which do not meet the mathematics requirement for the BBA or BS degrees. Zicklin students must complete a course in Calculus (and must satisfy the prerequisites for whichever Calculus course they take). Therefore, these students usually take MTH 2003 and one of the Calculus courses listed above. SPA students must complete a course in either Precalculus or Calculus.

**MTH 2140 and MTH 2160 are not appropriate for students within the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences whose major requires a statistics course or additional math courses (such majors include: Actuarial Science, Biological Sciences, Economics, Mathematics, Natural Sciences ad hoc, and Statistics).

Students who wish to pursue a BA in Psychology may use MTH 2140 or MTH 2160 to satisfy the Pathways requirement, but might be required to complete MTH 1030 College Algebra, to satisfy the prerequisite for that major's required statistics course. For more information, please consult the Office of the Associate Dean (room 8-265 of the Newman Vertical Campus; telephone: 646-312-3890).

Life and Physical Sciences* (one course required)

BIO 1012 Fundamentals of Biology: Human Biology Laboratory
(co-requisite with BIO 1011L in the Flexible Core)
BIO 1016 Fundamentals of Biology Laboratory: Research in Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology
(co-requisite with BIO 1015L in the Flexible Core)
CHM 1004 Fundamentals of Chemical Laboratory Techniques
(co-requisite with CHM 1003L in the Flexible Core )
ENV 1004 Fundamentals of Ecological Research
(co-requisite with ENV 1003L in the Flexible Core )
PHY 2001 Fundamentals of Experimental Physics
(co-requisite with PHY 2002L in the Flexible Core)


*Students who wish to pursue a major or minor in the Natural Sciences should satisfy the Life and Physical Sciences requirement with one of the following STEM Variant courses:

BIO 2010 Principles of Biology I
CHM 2003 General Chemistry I
PHY 2003 General Physics I
PHY 3010 Quantitative Physics I