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General Contact Information

Phone: 646-312-1360

Fax: 646-312-1361



Mailing Address:

Baruch College, Financial Aid
One Bernard Baruch Way,
Box H-0880
New York, NY 10010-5585

Walk-In Address:

151 E. 25th Street, Room #880

Financial Aid

Welcome to the Office of Financial Aid Services

Office Hours (Subject To Change)

11 AM - 6 PM
11 AM - 6 PM
11 AM - 6 PM
11 AM - 6 PM (Lobby Hours Only)
11 AM - 3 PM (Lobby Hours Only)

*The office will open at 11:30 AM the 3rd Thursday of each month

Use this website as a resource for all things financial aid and go over our helpful checklist below.

Financial Aid Checklist:

1. Go to, complete your FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and keep track of your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID). If you are a Dependent student, your parent will also require a FSA ID.

2.  Use Baruch's college code (007273) when filling out the FAFSA and when filling out the application for the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (1409).

3.  After filling out your FAFSA, you'll be assigned an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Your EFC and your estimated Cost of Attendance is what we use to determine your need-based awards.

4.  If you qualify for federal grants and/or loans, you can check the Distribution Calendar to find out when you will be receiving your awards.

For detailed instructions on how to view your financial aid.

Please note:

  • You are only responsible for covering charges that are not covered by pending aid on CUNYFirst.
  • Financial Aid Services cannot advise on Bursar holds, billing, payment, and TAP-related inquiries. If that is why you have contacted us, please redirect your concern to the Bursar’s office. To contact the Bursar by email. To reach the Bursar's office by phone, dial 646-312-1280.


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Check out the pages in the left-side column for further information on specific programs. Use the following links below for information on scholarships and studying abroad. 

CUNY Links:

  • Enroll Now! - CUNY Scholar Support Prepaid Card, the fast, safe & easy way to receive your CUNY financial aid & work study payments.

Important Terms & Conditions of Financial Aid Awards

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