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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

PSC—The Professional Staff Congress (Union)

Last updated on 9/8/17

The Professional Staff Congress (PSC) is the union of the Faculty, Higher Education Officers (HEOs), and College Laboratory Technicians (CLTs) of CUNY. The Union consists of two wings: the Welfare Fund, which provides benefits concerning prescription drugs, major medical, dental, optical, life and disability insurance, and other types of health maintenance; the second function of the PSC includes negotiating and administering the labor-management contract. The contract is multidimensional and includes salaries, working hours, health and safety, reappointment, tenure, promotion, grievances, leaves, and the monitoring of State laws concerning these issues.

Implementation of the contract is monitored on individual campuses by the Chapter Grievance Counselor and a Grievance Committee. They provide you with information on the contract and on your contractual rights.

By law an agency fee is withheld from your salaries: 1.05% for full-timers and 1% for adjuncts and part-timers. The fee is revenue to the Union and it becomes "union dues" when you officially join the Union by signing the card of authorization. Only members of the Union may vote on Union officers, College Chapter officers and policies, and by not being a member, you may remain unaware of your rights and benefits.

Chapter meetings are held periodically throughout the academic year on issues that affect you, your family, and your career at the College. When these meetings are announced mark your calendars and join us. Feel free to contact your Chapter officers at any time for further information.

Baruch College PSC-CUNY Chapter website:

The current PSC chapter officers are:

• Chair - Vincent DiGirolamo

• Vice-Chair - Carly Smith

• Secretary - Stanley Wine

• At Large Officers - Lisa Ellis, Bill Ferns, Peter Pepper, Glenn Petersen

• Delegates - Vincent DiGirolamo, Carly Smith, Stanley Wine, Lisa Ellis, Glenn Petersen,                                              Gregory Snyder, Frank Cioffi

• Alternate Delegates - Elizabeth Wollman, Andrew Sloin

• Welfare Fund – Karl Kronebusch, Jennifer Harrington

• Grievance Officer – Peter Pepper