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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Photocopying/Duplicating Services

Last updated on 4/7/16

Most departments have their own photocopying machines and their own guidelines for use. See below for Faculty Services, Newman Library services, Problems?, and Alternatives to Photocopying.

Faculty Services

The Office of Purchasing and Administrative Services, maintains a photocopying facility (called Faculty Services) on the 1st floor of the Vertical Campus (Room 1-165, adjacent to the cafeteria; 646-312-5090). This facility will do course-related photocopying, including exams. You must fill out a Graphic Arts Request Form, available in your department office, and obtain an authorized signature, usually from your department chair. To insure that copies are ready when needed, the original and the form should be brought to VC 1-165 at least one week in advance, especially for complicated jobs. When they are completed, the copies may be retrieved from VC 1-165. Final exams are processed and picked up in the Security office, 17 Lexington Avenue, Room 102. For information regarding restrictions and protocols related to on-campus photocopying vs outsourcing options, please see

Newman Library provides free copy cards for making single copies from library materials using the photocopy machines and microfilm equipment in the library. For more information call 646-312-1676.


If you experience problems with photocopier equipment on campus, ask a designated individual or individuals in your department to place a service call to the appropriate manufacturer, as indicated below. When placing a service call, the caller should provide the following information: (1) machine location, (2) model number, (3) serial number, and (4) the nature of the malfunction. A log of such service calls should be kept in the department.

Numbers to call:

  • Konica Minolta: 212-294-6400
  • Xerox: 1-800-822-2979
  • Canon 1-800-627-2679

If the response to a request for service is in any way unsatisfactory (slow response time, inadequate service from the technician responding to a call, excessive and recurring breakdowns following a service call), email the Procurement Director, Diane Oquendo ( with specific information, including relevant serial number(s) and model number(s). In the Director's absence, any other staff person in the Purchasing Department should be contacted with the appropriate information required to solve the problem expeditiously: 646-660-6154.

Alternatives to Photocopying

Many faculty members find they can communicate with students more effectively and minimize use of paper by posting to Blackboard information (including syllabi and assignments) they would otherwise photocopy.