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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Observation (Peer)

Last updated on 1/12/2015

The following is excerpted from Article 18 (Professional Evaluation) of the Agreement between Professional Staff Congress/CUNY and the City University of New York, February 1, 1996-July 31, 2000 (pp. 35-36). Please note that 18.2.b.1 indicates that all non-tenured faculty shall be observed at least once each semester and that tenured faculty may be observed once each semester.

Article 18
Professional Evaluation

[18.] 2 (b) Teaching observation, as described below, is one factor in total evaluation of academic performance of the teaching staff.

1. At least once during each academic semester, non-tenured and non-certificated members of the teaching staff shall be observed for a full classroom period. One observation shall take place during any scheduled class during the first ten weeks of a semester. The employee shall be given no less than 24 hours of prior notice of observation.

Tenured and certificated members of the teaching staff may be observed once each semester.

2. a) Each department P & B committee shall designate a panel, the size to be specified by the chairperson, of department observers (which shall include members of the P & B committee). The department chairperson shall schedule the members of this panel to conduct observations as necessary. Each observer shall submit, through the department chairperson, a written observation report to the department P & B committee within one week of the observation. These observation reports shall be considered by the committee in its total evaluation of the employee.

(b) The department chairperson shall schedule the post-observation conference for the employee within two weeks after receipt of the written observation report. The post-observation conference shall include the employee and the observer. Either a member of the P & B committee or a member of the department with the rank of tenured Associate Professor or tenured Professor may be assigned by the chairperson at the request of the employee or the observer.

(c) Following the post-observation conference, the P & B representative or the assigned senior faculty member shall prepare a record of the discussion in memorandum form for submission to the chairperson. If the post-observation conference includes only the observer and the employee, than the observer shall prepare the record of the discussion in memorandum form. The original conference memorandum shall be placed in the employee's personal file. The employee may have a copy of this document provided a signed receipt is tendered. The observation report shall be placed in the personal file.

(d) In the event that the observation or post-observation conference is not held within the time stipulated herein, the employee shall, within ten (10) working days thereafter, file a request for an observation and/or conference with the chairperson. A copy of that request shall be sent to appropriate dean and the Office of the President. Failure of the employee to file the request within the stipulated time shall bar the employee from subsequent complaint regarding such non-compliance with Article 18.2 (b), 2 b) or c). Upon the receipt of the request, the college shall cause appropriate remedial action to be taken, including, if necessary, scheduling of an observation and/or observation conference by the dean or President or their designee.

(e) After ten (10) semesters of service, teaching observation for adjunct personnel shall be held at the request of the chairperson or the adjunct.