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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Mail Services

This page last updated on 1/20/2017

The Baruch College mailroom regularly processes the college’s business mail. To be processed, mail must be in Baruch envelopes and have the name and department box number of the sender as part of the return address. Without this information the mailroom will not process your mail.

Faculty and staff are prohibited from using the college facilities and the college address for the mailing and receipt of personal mail.

Flats and small packages should be in Baruch envelopes. Overseas packages weighing more than one pound must have a custom's form attached. This form can be obtained from the mailroom or any post office. Use PS Form 2976-Declaration of Content for packages between one and four pounds or PS Form 2976A for packages of four or more pounds. This form must be signed by the sender while standing in front of the US Postal Clerk or Baruch Mailroom staff, who will be responsible for verifying the identity of the individual sending the package.

Any mail that requires postage of more than $20 and all international express mail will not be processed without the approval of a Chair and the Dean, or the equivalent for administrative offices. Express mail is costly, so we are all asked to minimize its use by sending our mail in a timely fashion.

For an individual letter or package of Express, Certified, Registered, or any mail weighing one pound or more that requires immediate delivery to the post office: after obtaining its postage from the Baruch Mailroom, the sender or department employee should deliver said package to the post office. The USPS clerk will be responsible for verifying the identity of an individual sending any package of more than one pound.

Special mailings pertaining to grant-related work or conferences must also be identified for billing purposes.

Campus Address
For mail purposes, campuses addresses follow this pattern:

Baruch College
One Bernard Baruch Way, [Box number]*
New York, NY 10010

* Box numbers include the letter designation of the building in which the office is located (for list of buildings see the Introduction of the faculty handbook), followed by a room number (e.g., Box B8-250 means building B, which is the Vertical Campus, 8th floor, Room 250). In many cases the correct box number is the room number of the departmental office. Please see the online directory for the box numbers of members of the faculty, staff, and administration.

Questions regarding these procedures should be addressed to Juan Gonzalez (646)-312-1463 or or other members of the mailroom staff.

The Mailroom is located in the Newman Library and Technology Center, 151 East 25th Street, Room 170
Manager/Supervisor: Juan Gonzalez
Telephone: (646) 312-1460