The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

International Faculty Development Program
Services and Workshops

Last updated on 8/15/13

Baruch College offers an international faculty development program for faculty members whose native language/dialect is not American English. The program has met with an enthusiastic response; we are particularly happy that the program seems to be instrumental in significant increases in the student evaluation scores of participating instructors.

The following services are available.



International faculty members are invited to peruse the many excellent ESL and pedagogy materials in Baruch College's ESL Lab (NVC B6-121, enter through 6-120). For more information, see Lab Instructions, Accent Reduction FAQs, and a list of ESL Materials available in the lab. You may also ask an accent-reduction tutor for a tour of the lab.

Classroom Observations

Two types of classroom observations are possible: (1) Subject area and/or faculty development specialists are prepared to visit classes, videotape instructors (if so desired), and provide feedback on pedagogy and/or communication. Observations by a specialist can be arranged through the international faculty development program coordinator. (2) Alternatively, faculty members can observe a colleague's class themselves. One's department chair will be happy to make a recommendation.

Materials on Pedagogy

Materials available in the faculty resource room and Speech/ESL Lab include books (e.g., Teaching American Students: A Guide for International Faculty & Teaching Assistants in Colleges & Universities) and videos (e.g., Teaching in America: A Guide for International Faculty; What Students Want: Teaching from a Student's Perspective).

Writing/Editing Assistance

Assistance with written work (e.g., proofreading and editing of professional articles) is available—rates need to be negotiated by each faculty member with the specific tutor. (All other services are free of charge.)

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If you are interested in any or all of the above services or workshops, please contact the program coordinator:

Professor Elisabeth Gareis
Coordinator, International Faculty Development Program
Dept. of Communication Studies, B8-240
Tel.: (646) 312-3731