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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Graduate Programs/Advisement - Zicklin School of Business

Last updated on 1/4/2007

Zicklin School of Business Graduate Programs
    Full-Time Honors MBA Program (646) 312-3130
    Flex-Time MBA and MS Programs (646) 312-3140

School of Public Affairs Graduate Programs
Weissman School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs

Two offices are responsible for providing advisement to Zicklin graduate students. The Office of Graduate Academic Services in the ZSB provides administrative and curricular services to students enrolled in the flex-time MBA programs (excluding the Accelerated Part-Time MBA Program) and MS degree programs. The Office evaluates preliminary course requirements for entering students, coordinates requests for transfer credit and core course substitutions, informs students of curriculum changes, and assists students who wish to change their MBA specializations or their degree objectives. During registration, the office works with students, academic departments, and the Registrar’s Office to resolve registration problems, and handles waiting list requests for closed courses.

Students are responsible for understanding and meeting the requirements for the degree program in which they are enrolled and are encouraged to seek advice as needed. Advising is largely an informal process. Staff and student “peer” advisors are available throughout the calendar year to meet with students on a walk-in basis or by appointment. (During registration, advising is on a walk-in basis only.) Although students are not assigned faculty advisors, designated faculty members from each department are available throughout the academic year to advise students on an individual basis.

Students who have unresolved issues relating to the academic and scholastic requirements of their programs may need to appeal to the Graduate Committee on Academic Standing. The Office of Graduate Academic Services advises students about their appeals and coordinates the appeals process.

Similar services are provided to students in the Full-Time Honors MBA Program and the Accelerated Part-Time MBA Program. Advisement for students in these programs is handled by staff in the Full-Time Honors MBA Office. Applications and assignments for Zicklin masters level graduate assistantships are also processed in the Full-Time Honors MBA Office.

Office Locations:
VC 13-280 (Full-Time Honors MBA Office)
VC 13-221 (Flex-Time MBA and MS Programs)

Office telephones:
646-312-3130 (Full-Time Honors MBA Program)
646-312-3140 (Flex-Time MBA and MS Programs)

Maria DiBenedetto, Director of Graduate Student Services and Advisement
    Full-Time Honors MBA Program (646-312-3130)
Elaine Bernstein, Director of Graduate Academic Services
    Flex-Time MBA and MS Programs (646-312-3074)
Patricia Lewis, Program Advisor
    Flex-Time MBA and MS Programs (646-312-3075)

Zicklin School of Business
ZSB Office of Graduate Academic Services
Honors MBA
Masters level grad. assistantships