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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Graduate Programs/Advisement - Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Last updated on 1/4/2007

Weissman School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs
(646) 312-4490

School of Public Affairs Graduate Programs
Zicklin School of Business Graduate Programs

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies handles inquiries and general questions about program admission and requirements once a student is accepted. When a student enrolls in one of the four Masters programs offered at WSAS, s/he begins by creating a contract that is approved by the program director. This contract sets up an individualized prospective course of study, including required classes, core courses, and electives.

Students may contact their program directors for academic advisement and to discuss career possibilities (see names and contact numbers below). In addition, the Career Development Center is staffed with counselors who offer workshops on various topics related to internships, the job market, and interviewing techniques. Our students are also encouraged to visit the center’s comprehensive library.

MS in Applied Mathematics for Finance
Program Director: Prof. Dan Stefanica (VC 4-257) 646-312-4171

MA in Corporate Communication
Program Director: Prof. Robert Myers (VC 8-233) 646-312-3723

MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Program Director: Prof. Harold Goldstein (VC 8-282) 646-312-3820

MBA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Program Director:  Prof. Harold Goldstein (VC 8-282) 646-312-3820

Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology  A subprogram of the Graduate Program in Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center
Program Director: Prof. Joel Lefkowitz (VC 8-222) 646-312-3789

WSAS Office of Research and Graduate Studies
Director: Prof. William Boddy (Communication Studies)
Location: Vertical Campus, Room 5-205
Telephone: 646-312-4490