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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Faculty Development Seminars
Fall 2002-Spring 2003

Last updated on 4/1/2003

SPRING 2003 (in reverse chronological order)

Friday, May 9: Disabilities Issues Workshop
John Dugan, Dean of Faculty Staff Relations, Carl Kirschner, Associate Dean of Student Development, and Barbara Sirois, Director of Disability Services, led a workshop on the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 (ADA) & Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. They encouraged questions and discussion and covered the following areas:

  • The letter and spirit of the law
  • What does it mean to be "otherwise qualified"?
  • What are reasonable and appropriate accommodations and how they are determined
  • What factors determine whether an accommodation (e.g., substitutions/waivers or alternative means of evaluation) fundamentally alters a program of instruction?
  • What is the relationship between accommodations and academic freedom?

10:00 am - noon (refreshments available starting at 9:30)
Faculty/Staff Lounge VC 14-290

Friday, March 7
Using the News: Integrating the New York Times (and other print media) into Communication Intensive (and other) Classes

Because of its broad range of coverage and the depth of its articles, the New York Times lends itself to the classroom teaching of virtually any subject. Glenn Petersen has been using the Times in all his anthropology, geography, and international affairs classes (undergraduate and graduate) for more than a decade now, and would like to invite fellow faculty to consider using it, and other print sources, as well. Journalism professors Sarah Bartlett and Andrea Gabor join him in a panel discussion that will consider how the news is put together and how we can take it apart in the classroom in order to use it to best effect. Regular use of newspapers can enhance the teaching of any subject by serving to convince students of the day-to-day relevance of their course materials, to help them learn to become active readers, and to provide intensive exposure to source materials they are likely to continue engaging long after their formal education is done.
10:00 am - noon (refreshments available starting at 9:30)
Faculty/Staff Lounge VC 14-290

Friday, February 21: New York Council on the Humanities
Grants workshop (see the linked program)
10:00 am - 1:00 pm (refreshments available starting at 9:30)
17 Lexington Avenue
Room 4 North

Friday, January 31: Reorientation Session for Faculty New in Fall 02
Grants workshop (see the linked program)
10:00 am - noon (refreshments available starting at 9:30)
Faculty/Staff Lounge VC 14-290


Also see
Seminar Series for Spring 2003:
Ethics Across and Beyond the Curriculum
(Open to all members of the Baruch Community)

Previous Semesters

FALL 2002
Friday, December 6: Classroom Management

Roundtable discussion

Friday, November 22: Using the Writing Handbook across the Curriculum
Leader: Prof. Gerard Dalgish

Friday, November 1: Academic Integrity
Guest Discussant: Donald L. McCabe, Rutgers University

Ideas for future seminars:
- Creating effective syllabi
- Techniques for effective peer observations
- Developing a new form for student evaluations

Suggestions and/or comments regarding faculty seminars should be sent to Associate Provost Dennis Slavin.

The Seminar Series for Spring 2003, Ethics Across and Beyond the Curriculum, will take place on Thursday mornings throughout the Spring semester. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are invited to attend.