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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Curriculum Issues

Last updated on 1/15/2015

The curriculum at Baruch is evaluated at many levels by many different groups including faculty, departments, schools, college-wide committees, CUNY, the NY State Education Department, external accrediting agencies, and students. Most departments have curriculum committees. Formal changes in the curriculum must be approved at the department level before they are vetted by a School-wide curriculum committee and then by School faculty. CUNY's transfer policy site provides additional curricular information for evaluating transfer credit.

I. Undergraduate Curriculum

Baruch College offers the following undergraduate degrees:

    BA (120 credits)
    BS (120 credits)
    BBA (124 credits)

Undergraduate Majors

Actuarial Science
Arts and Sciences Ad Hoc Major
Business Communication
Business Journalism
Corporate Communication
Graphic Communication
Computer Information Systems
English (including Journalism)
Finance and Investments
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Music (including Management of Musical Enterprises)
Operations Research
Political Science
Public Administration
Public Affairs
Real Estate and Metropolitan Development

Common Core Curriculum
In Spring 2001 the faculty approved a common core curriculum for all Baruch College undergraduates. All freshmen entering in Fall 2001 (and thereafter) follow this curriculum. Faculty should familiarize themselves with the requirements so they can advise their students. The core comprises three tiers, as follows:

Tier I (12-19 credits) Generally taken in first two semesters:

  • ENG 2100 and 2150
  • One 2000-level Math course (placement via block programming)
  • COM 1010
  • CIS 1000 (or exemption through an exam)
  • Foreign Language (see Bulletin for details)

Tier II (29-33 credits) Generally begun in first two semesters:

Humanities (12 credits): one course from each of the following four groups:

  • The Arts: ART 1000, 1011, 1012, or MSC 1003, 1005, or THE 1041
  • History: HIS 1000, 1001, 1003, 1005, 2050, or 2053
  • Literature: ENG/LTT 2800 or ENG/LTT 2850
  • Philosophy: PHI 2000, 2010, or 2200
Natural Sciences (4 credits): one course (total) from among the following:
  • BIO 1003 or 1005
  • CHM 1000 or 2003
  • PHY 1003 or 2003
  • ENV 1020 or 1021
Social Sciences (13 credits): one course from each of the following:
  • PSY 1001 (4 credits)
  • ANT 1001 or SOC 1005
  • ECO 1001 or 1002
  • POL 1101, 2001, 2332, 2353, or PUB 1250

Tier III (9 credits) Minor Requirement may begin in sophomore year or later:

The Minor consists of two courses at the 3000 level and one 4000/5000-level capstone from one of the following disciplines: ART, COM, ENG, HIS, LTT, MTH, MOD. LANG., MSC, PHI, THE, BIO, CHM, ENV, PHY, ANT, POL, PSY, PUB, or SOC

Additional Requirements/Information

Pre-Business Requirements
Students interested in pursuing a major in ZSB are required to complete specific courses and maintain a specific GPA, as described below:

  • Students must complete the following eight courses with a minimum GPA of 2.25 in these courses: ENG 2100, MTH 2100/2010 or their equivalents, ECO 1001 and 1002, LAW 1101, STA 2000, CIS 2200, and ACC 2101.
  • They must complete 45 credits with an overall GPA of 2.25 or higher.
  • They must have completed either ENG 2150 or COM 1010 (both are required for the degree).
  • (AP credit will not be used in calculating the GPA needed for entrance to ZSB.)

Pre-BS Requirements
Students interested in pursuing a major in SPA must be in good academic standing and must complete the following additional requirements:

  • Students interested in Public Affairs must have completed the following eight courses: ENG 2100 and 2150, ECO 1001, COM 1010, PHI 2200, PUB 1250, any 2000-level MTH course, and STA 2000 OR any 48 credit hours that include: ENG 2100 and 2150, PUB 1250, any 2000-level MTH course, and STA 2000.
  • Students interested in Real Estate and Metropolitan Development must have completed: ACC 2101, CIS 2200, ECO 1001 and 1002, ENG 2100, LAW 1101, MTH 2006/2010/2107, and STA 2000 AND a minimum of 45 credits, among which must be included ENG 2150 or COM 1010 (both of which are required for the degree).
Additional Requirements:
Each School has requirements in addition to those of the common core. (Some of these are implicit among the pre-business/BS requirements outlined above.)
  • For the BBA:
    MTH 2006/2107 or equivalent, ECO 1001 and 1002, and STA 2000
  • For the BA:
      1. An additional Lab Science course from among BIO 1003, 1005; CHM 1000, 2003; PHY 1003, 2003; ENV 1020, 1021 (The second lab science course must come from a different area from the one used as part of the core. For these purposes ENV and BIO are considered to be the same area.)
      2. A course in Cultural Studies, chosen from Black, Hispanic, Latin American, or Asian and Asian American Studies.
      3. Foreign Language: 6-8 credits
  • For the BS:
      Public Affairs Majors:
      ECO 1001 and 1002,PHI 2200,
      PUB 1250, and STA 2000
      Real Estate:
      MTH 2301 and 2006/2107, ECO 1001 and 1002,
      ECO 3320, PUB 1250, and STA 2000 or 2100

II. Graduate Curriculum

Baruch College offers the following graduate degree programs:

Master of Business Administration:
          Computer Information Systems
          Finance and Investments
          General MBA Option
          Baruch/Mount Sinai Graduate Program in Health Care Administration
          Industrial/Organizational Psychology
          International Business
          Management/Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
          Management/Operations Management
          Management/Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management
          Marketing/International Marketing
          Marketing/Marketing Management
          Operations Research

Master of Science:
          Applied Mathematics for Finance
          Business Computer Information Systems
          Industrial/Organizational Psychology
          Operations Research

Master of Science in Education:
          Educational Leadership

          Higher Education Administration

Master of Arts:
          Corporate Communication

Master of Public Administration

JD/MBA Joint Degree Programs

Executive Programs
          MS in Business Computer Information Systems
          MS in Finance
          MS in Industrial and Labor Relations

Doctoral Programs:
The CUNY Graduate Center offers 32 doctoral programs. The following two are housed at Baruch College:

PhD in Business with specialization in:
          Management Planning and Information Systems
          Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

For further information on all of these graduate programs and on people to contact, see Graduate Programs/Advisement or visit: