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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Center for Academic Advisement

Last updated on 5/6/2015

The Center works with undergraduates. For information on graduate advisement, go to Graduate Programs/Advisement: SPA or Graduate Programs/Advisement: WSAS or Graduate Programs/Advisement: ZSB.

For information on CUNY-wide policies on intra-University transfer credit for undergraduates, see the Baruch College transfer policy page.

The Center provides academic advisement services to the undergraduate student body, focusing primarily on students with fewer than 60 credits. This includes advisement on course selection, curriculum requirements, and requirements for the major and the minor. The Center is staffed by professional academic advisors, academic counselors, and peer advisors who provide guidance to students in good standing, students who are academically at risk, students on academic probation, and students reinstated into the college. The staff are also dedicated to advising students about how to do well in school, how to choose the right major, and how the College can provide them with further enrichment opportunities. Please see The Center's Mission Statement for more information.

Both for convenience and because of the high volume of inquiries for the limited number of staff, the Center encourages students to utilize the The Center for Academic Advisement's website, which has detailed current information for new, continuing, returning and prospective students. We encourage faculty to navigate the site to find out more about the Centers services and policies and suggest that faculty refer students to the website to get their questions answered before making an unnecessary trip to the Academic Advisement Center. Insofar as faculty themselves bring unique expertise and experience to the advising process, we also encourage faculty to engage further with their students by advising them.

Academic Advisors

Some of the additional services the Center provides are waivers, major declaration forms, special permission requests, and referrals. The Center provides a single location where students may obtain various documents, forms, and applications.

  • Information Sheets and Applications
    Material students may obtain at the Center include:Credit Overload Applications, Curriculum Guide Sheets, Zicklin School of Business Application, Definition of Courses, Pre-SPA Requirements, Committee on Academic Standing Appeal Application, and other materials related to college procedures, policy, and academic requirements.
  • Majors
    Advisors are responsible for approving major declaration applications for ZSB students, with the exception of students interested in majors in I/O Psychology, Economics and CIS/STA. The advisors refer those students, as well as students interested in majors in SPA and WSAS, directly to the designated faculty advisor in each department.
  • Waivers and Special Permission Requests
    Each semester the advisors approve and process various waivers and request for special permission to take particular course and to drop courses. Some examples are: Credit Overloads; and Course Withdrawal/Total Resignation.

NB: The Center does not provide permission for students to enter closed courses. Such permission must come from instructors or department chairs.

The Center for Academic Advisement and the Faculty
Advisors often refer students to faculty to discuss majors, minors, and particular courses. We refer students declaring a major in SPA and WSAS directly to the faculty to complete a major declaration form.

The advisors are not responsible for waiving students from specific course prerequisites unless directly advised to do so by the academic department. The advisors refer students to faculty for waivers of specific course prerequisites and co requisites. Each department and/or school determines whether to provide such waivers.

The Center provides a place where the academic departments and faculty can promote majors, exciting new courses, and the minor. It is an ideal place to post upcoming events, new courses, and career opportunities in a field. The Center advises hundreds of students each week, so it is a great way to capture the attention of the undergraduate student population.

The Center encourages the faculty to refer to the website or to contact any member of the Advisement Staff with questions. They will be happy to assist whenever needed. Further information is available at Center for Academic Advisement. Additionally, faculty may find the Advising Handbook(pdf) to be a helpful resource.

Contact Information
Director of Academic Advisement Programs:Ms. Sharon D. Ricks
Location: Vertical Campus, Room 5-215 (click here for directions)
Telephone: 646-312-4260; 646-312-4261 (fax)
Website (office hours, mailing address, center staff, etc.):
Facebook Group(pdf): Center for Academic Advisement