The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Administrator Contact Information

Last updated on 11/20/2013

In the list below, office addresses (in parentheses) refer to the following campus locations:
A = 17 Lexington Avenue
NVC = Newman Vertical Campus
C = Newman Hall/137 E. 22nd Street
D = 135 E. 22nd Street
H = 151 E. 25th Street
J = 137 E. 25th Street

After the lead administrator of each office, subsequent names are listed in alphabetical order:

President's Office: (D-710) 646-312-3310
Mitch Wallerstein, President:
(D-710) 646-312-3310
Executive Secretary to the President, Kenya N. Lee:
(D-710) 646-312-3322

John Choonoo, Director, Institutional Research and Program Assessment:
(J-1006) 646-312-2196
Mary Gorman Hetherington, Chief of Staff to the President:
(D-710) 646-312-3315
Christina Latouf, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer:
(A-1503) 646-660-6114
Fatima Ali, Legal Assistant:
(B5-205) 646-312-4544
(vacant), Affirmative Action Officer:
(B5-209) 646-312-4542
Stephanie Vullo, Counsel to the President, 504/ADA Coordinator, and Title IX Coordinator:
(B5-209) 646-312-3320


Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:
(D-701) 646-660-6500; 646-660-6501 (fax)
David Christy, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:
(D-701) 646-660-6500
Nancy Aries, Acting Director, Undergraduate Honors Program:
(J-302) 646-312-2122
Keri Bertino, Director, Writing Center:
(NVC 8-185) 646-312-4028
Stanton Biddle, Acting Associate Provost and Assistant VP for Academic Administration:
(NVC 4-230) 646-660-6513
Vanessa Cano, Assistant to the Associate Provost and Assistant VP for Teaching & Learning:
(NVC 4-230) 646-660-6517
Ann Clarkson, Associate Dean, Continuing and Professional Studies:
(NVC 1-119) 646-312-5115
Marjorie Dorime-Williams, Director of Academic Assessment:
(NVC 4-230) 646-660-6519
Arthur Downing, CIO and Assistant VP for Information Technology; Chief Librarian:
(H-930) 646-312-1026
Suzanne Epstein, Interim Director, Schwartz Communication Institute:
(J-317) 646-312-2062
Alan Evelyn, Director, Sponsored Programs and Research:
(J-1012) 646-312-2208

Marilyn Gaffney, Secretary to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:
(D-710) 646-660-6502

Carol Morgan, Director, Student Academic Consulting Center:
(VC2-118) 646-312-4833
Keisha Peterson, IRB Administrator :
(J-1028) 646-312-2217

Aurea (Abby) Santana, Director of Academic Administration:
(NVC 4-230) 646-660-6532
Dennis Slavin, Associate Provost and Assistant VP for Teaching and Learning:
(NVC 4-226) 646-660-6504

Abigail Stevens, Coordinator of Budget and Administrative Services:
(D-701) 646-660-6503

Luke Waltzer, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning:

(NVC 4-230) 646-660-6517

Office of the Vice President for Administration & Finance:
(D-611A) 646-660-6660
Katharine T. Cobb:Vice President for Administration and Finance:
(D-612) 646-660-6660
Bursar's Office:
(H-810) 646-312-1280
Deemendra Bheer, Associate Controller, Baruch College Fund:
(D-611) 646-660-6663
Monique George Brown, Director, Office of Human Resources:
(D-200) 646-660-6596
Mary Finnen, Assistant Vice President for Finance:
(D-514) 646-660-6549
Irina Laskin, Controller, Baruch College Fund:
(D-613) 646-660-6668
Jim Lloyd, Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations:
(A-1207) 646-660-6630
Henry McLaughlin, Director of Public Safety:
(A-102A) 646-660-6010
Diane Oquendo, Director of Purchasing:
(A-1410) 646-660-6154
Mary Rivers, Assistant Vice President for Planning and Budget:
Monroe Russell, Acting College Controller:
(D-505) 646-660-6573

Office of the Vice President for Student Development and Student Affairs:
(NVC 2-255) 646-312-4570
Ben Corpus, Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management & Dean of Students:
(NVC 2-260) 646-312-4582
Ron Aaron, Professor, Student Development and Counseling:
(NVC 2-256) 646-312-4577
Marisa Delacruz, Director of Admissions:
(H-711) 646-312-1375; 646-312-1363 (fax)
Marco Dinovelli, Student Affairs Coordinator:
(NVC 2-255) 646-312-4573
Veralyn Esnard, Assistant to the Assistant Vice President:
(NVC 2-255) 646-312-4576
Tara Gemmel, Enrollment Management Coordinator:
(NVC 2-257) 646-312-4579
Elyse Mendel, Assistant Director of Career Services and Alumni Affairs:
(D-1010) 646-660-6754
Leslie.Sutton-Smith: Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management:
(H-0850) 646-312-1190
Corlisse Thomas, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs:
(NVC 2-255E) 646-312-4574

Edward Adams, Senior Registrar:
(H-0850) 646-312-1150
Natalie Velasquez, Assistant to the Vice President:
(NCV 2-261) 646-312-4580

Office of the Vice President for College Advancement:
(A-1603) 646-660-6060; 646-660-6061 (fax)
Mark Gibbel, Vice President for College Advancement:
(A-1621) 646-660-6067/6068
Angela Camacho, Director of Donor Relations:
(A-1504) 646-660-6063
Neftalie Danier, Assistant Director of Donor Relations:
(A-1504) 646-660-6122
Donna Haggarty, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships:
(A-1608B) 646-660-6089
Alexandria Jackson, Alumni Coordinator:
(A-1504) 646-660-6120
Andrea Jones, Executive Assistant to the Vice President:
(A-1621) 646-660-6064
Jessica Leitner, Executive Director, Campaign and Leadership Giving:
(A-1602B) 646-660-6074
Elizabeth Maglietta, Director, Advancement Research:
(A-1623) 646-660-6099
Jacqueline McLoughlin, Director, Executives on Campus:
(H-0820) 646-312-1340
Laura Piil, Gifts Processor:
(A-1606) 646-660-6069
David Shanton, Asistant Vice President:
(A-1621C) 646-660-6065
Bianca (Naimah) Smith, Director of Development Services and CIS:
(A-1602A) 646-660-6073
Brenda Vercesi, Director of Special Events:
(A-1510) 646-660-6094

Office of the Dean of the School of Public Affairs:
(D-901) 646-660-6700; Fax: 646-660-6701
David S. Birdsell, Dean:
(D-914) 646-660-6700
Laurie Alemian-Derian, Director of Finance and Administration:
(D-907) 646-660-6715
Angelina Delgado, Director of Operations, Office of the Dean:
(D-913) 646-660-6827
Jonathan Engel, Associate Dean of Academic Programs:
(D-415) 646-660-6829
Angelina Delgado, Director of Operations for the Center for Innovation & Leadership in Government:
(D-901) 646-660-6827
W. Yvette Kelley, Director of Technology at SPA:
(D-808B) 646-660-6774
Michael J. Lovaglio, Director of Student Affairs and Graduate Admissions:
(D-1013) 646-660-6760
Linda Lees, Director of Executive Programs:
(D-910) 646-660-6718

Office of the Dean of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences:
(NVC 8-250) 646-312-3870
Jeffrey Peck, Dean:
(NVC 8-254) 646-312-3880
Boo Choi, Director of Administrative and Financial Services:
(NVC 8-253) 646-312-3881
Stephanie Govan, Director of Scheduling, Registration, and Enrollment Data Management:
(NVC 8-252) 646-312-3879
Gary Hentzi, Associate Dean:
(NVC 8-267) 646-312-3885
Sandra Kraskin, Director, Mishkin Gallery:
(D-100) 646-660-6652
Keisha McLeod, Coordinator of Student Services:
(NVC 8-265A) 646-312-3884
Ana Mera-Ruiz, Coordinator of Administrative and Financial Services:
(NVC 8-250A) 646-312-3874
Sonya Wahab, Coordinator of Academic Affairs:
(NVC 8-268) 646-312-3892

Office of the Dean of the Zicklin School of Business:
(NVC 13-270) 646-312-3030
Myung-Soo Lee, Interim Vice President and Dean:
(NVC 13-268) 646-312-3032
Linda Friedman, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs:
(NVC 13-275) 646-312-3048
Dularie Ramkishun, Analyst:
(NVC 13-267) 646-312-3044
Tara Sinclair, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs:
(NVC 13-270) 646-312-3033
Judy Tse, Director of Undergraduate Services:
(NVC 13-264) 646-312-3041
Pam (Narumon) Vamvanij, Assistant to the Dean:
(NVC 13-270) 646-312-3032
Beverley Warner, Director of Finance and Administration:
(NVC 13-265) 646-312-3042
Phyllis Zadra, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs:
(NVC 13-276) 646-312-3049

For further information on administrative units see the Baruch College Directory.