The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Photocopying and Supplies

Last updated on 7/12/2010


Your department will provide you with the basic supplies you'll need to teach your classes (e.g., dry markers, erasers, pads, pens, etc.).   Additional supplies may be on hand or ordered, depending on your needs. Check with your department chair and secretary to determine what is available to you. (You're welcome to also purchase paper and other supplies yourself. We suggest you consult your tax professional when considering if these items are considered tax deductible as educator's expenses.)

Photocopying can be an important service. Please be prudent when determining your photocopying needs in an effort to save time and paper when possible. Some departments have a limited budget for paper and excessive usage can quickly deplete their supply.

There are a number of photocopying options available to you: within your department, at the Newman Library and through the Graphic Reproduction Department. Please see Photocopying for further information about each of these resources.