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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Payroll Checks and Separation Procedures

Last updated on 12/26/2003

Payroll Checks

Adjunct staff members receive eight or nine paychecks each semester.   They will not be mailed to you.  Paychecks may be deposited directly into your bank account by completing an Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment Authorization form and providing a blank voided blank check to Human Resources.

For those who do not elect direct deposit, checks are available from the Controller's Office on the Fifth Floor of the 135 East 22nd Street Building between the hours of 9AM and 5PM on weekdays.   Bring your Baruch identification card with you.   Your departmental secretary can provide you with a schedule of paydays.

If you teach in the evening and are unable to get to the Controller's Office prior to 5PM you should work with your departmental secretary to set up a process whereby they can obtain your check and forward it to you.

Identification Cards

See Getting an ID Card in this guide.

Separation Procedures

Staff members who discontinue their employment with the college must follow certain check out procedures; keys and ID card must be given to the Security Office; outstanding library books must be returned; and any other college property must be returned to the provider.   The employee's last paycheck is withheld until all clearances are obtained.