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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Paperwork - At Human Resources
(forms/documentation, direct deposit, timesheet & paycheck dates, etc.)

Last updated 7/8/2010


The Human Resources Office is located at 135 E. 22 Street, Room 200. (For current hours of operation please click here). You must visit this office to complete the paperwork necessary to get you into the payroll system.

Forms: If your department has forwarded the paperwork, a folder should already be on file for you. It will include your Personnel Action Form (PAF) and various details about the school and department in which you'll be teaching, rate of pay, and contact information.

You will need to complete a New Hire Packet, which includes (but is not limited to) the following forms:

  • Employment Eligibility Verification - (I-9 form); Personal Data Form; Agency Shop Fee Agreement; Oath of Allegiance; Affirmative Action Data Form; Federal Tax Form W4; State Certification of Tax Withholding; Direct Deposit; Paycheck Receipt Form; Certification of Prior Public Service Form

For more information as well as a complete listing of all necessary paperwork, please click on New Hire Packages. You can fill out some of the forms electronically where indicated or complete them after printing out a hard copy. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the documents (click here for more information).

Documentation/ID: When you're ready to turn your paperwork in you'll need one or two original forms of ID (no Xeros copies). A complete list is included in the packet. Examples include:

List A (only document you'll need)
U.S. Passport
Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
Certificate of Naturalization               


List B (you'll need one from B and one from C)
Driver's license
Photo ID issued by federal, state or local government agencies
Voter's registration card


List C (you'll need one from C and one from B)
U.S. social security card
Certification of Birth Abroad
Original or certified copy of birth certificate

Direct Deposit: If you choose the direct deposit option for your Baruch checks, bring a voided personal check with you. Checks are not mailed out, so direct deposit is a beneficial option for those of us who are not on campus during business hours to pick up our checks.

Timesheets: Non-teaching adjuncts or any adjunct paid at the 60% rate must fill out timesheets in order to receive payment. These forms are available in the HR office as well as online; to download and print timesheets please click on the following link:

Paycheck Dates: A schedule of pay dates and timesheet due dates are prepared for each semester. A pay schedule is available online and can be found on the Human Resources home page under the right column titled 'Important Updates'.

*Before you leave Human Resources, be sure to get the authorization form you'll need to get a Baruch ID card from the ID Center.